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BlastTV is internet powered local TV.
Content comes from you, artists and advertisers in your community.

Broadcast incredible visual, audio and video content, from amazing local artists, photographers and DJs.

Showcase your ads and special offers on your own TV and on your own private neighborhood TV network.

Entertain and engage your customers. BlastTV gives your patrons their 15 Minutes of fame allowing them to upload their pics directly to your TV.

Your Local Neighborhood TV Network

Get BlastTV and help create a vibrant community, ad network and canvas for local artists.

Your neighborhood is made up of businesses a lot like yours. You serve the same community, share similar goals, and are part of the same ecosystem. Getting BlastTV at your location not only helps your business, but also helps small businesses in your neighborhood by creating your own community and local advertising network.

You also help local artists in your community when you select their channels an themes for play on your BlastTV. An otherwise normal TV, becomes an artist's canvas or a performer's stage once it's connected to BlastTV.

Your Mobile Device is the Remote Control

Online or on the go, changing your channel is easy!

BlastTV is a reflection of you and your business. You'll always like and enjoy what's on your BlastTV, because you are the program director.

We've made it easy for you to change the channels and themes currently running on your BlastTV. Don't like what you see or in the mood for something different, login at and change your content and the show will update live as you make changes.

Behind the counter, on the sales floor or in the dining room? Use the BlastTV Remote Control App for Android to change the channel.

Coming soon for iPhone and iPad.

Place your ad at any location in real time

House Ads and Promotions

Mix your own promotions and ads into your BlasTV's content with ease, any time, and as often as you want. Save money on point-of-purchase advertising. With just a few clicks you can add and edit your messages. Amazing and Easy!

BlastTV also lets you to place your ads on demand at any BlastTV location in your neighborhood. You can select an individual TV or multiple TVs at nearby locations to run your ad.

As our way of saying thanks to our BlastTV location owners, we give our first 25 new locations a free Pick 15 plan FREE for 1 year.

Get your 15 minutes of fame on BlastTV

Entertain and engage your customers by letting them post their photos directly to your BlastTV.

You're not the only on who is going to love BlastTV, your patrons and customers are going to love it too. BlastTV brings social to a bigger screen.

Your customers can email photos directly from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. With a little BlastTV magic, your customers's photos are beautifully mixed in with your existing channels and themes allowing them to become part of the show.

You're the program director, so you decide which photos are suitable to be player on air. A notification will be sent to your phone when a new photo is submitted for your approval.

Your Twitter Feed on your BlastTV

Tweet about the game or the news and see your messages appear on BlastTV in real time!

BlastTV can also feed regular TV directly through your Mac mini onto your TV. Don't miss a single play of breaking news. And...for the first time ever yor small business can broadcast ads during the news, in primetime and during the big game and other big sporting events.

With BlastTV's you can also broadcast your businesses Twitter feed on screen. When customers Tweet to you, their message appears on your BlastTV. Increase your followers, engage and entertain yor customers.

BlastTV brings social networking to your TV.

Setting up BlastTV is EASY and it's FREE!
Connect your Mac mini to your TV

Download the BlastTV Install and Setup Manual to your Mac mini
or have a BlastTV team member walk you through the installation
After the install BlastTV is live.

Welcome to the Network!
-Team BlastTV