Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlastTV and how does it work?
BlastTV is the world's first neighborhood TV Network. Small business locations, Musicians, DJs, Photographers and Videographers partner with BlastTV to create a new earth-changing advertising and social content platform.

Using BlastTV, small business owners place their ads on selected BlasTV locations in their community with pinpoint accuracy via and BlastTC mobile apps. Business owner generated ads are uploaded and dynamically integrated with incredible content from the internet's most talented independent artists and content creators.
When was BlastTV founded?
BlastTV was founded in July 2010 by lawyer turned developer, Steve van Zutphen. BlastTV is an incredible new medium for artists and content creators. To this point, advertising has been a Madison Ave, multi-billion dollar domain closed to small businesses prohibiting their effective participation. BlastTV finally opens the door an breaks through the glass ceiling for more than 400 million small businesses worldwide.
I am a bit of a tech geek. What's BlastTV built on?
How does BlastTV make money?
How do I get BlastTV at my location?
How can my business, brand or agency work with BlastTV?
Who are BlastTV's investors?
Is BlastTV hiring?

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