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Founded in July 2010 BlastTV is the worlds first Neighborhood TV Network. Small business locations, Musicians, DJs, Photographers and Videographers are partnering with BlastTV to create a new earth-changing advertising and social content platform.

BlastTV's revolutionary neighborhood community content and advertising platform gives power to the seemingly infinite number of small business locations around the world.

Using BlastTV, small business owners place their own ads on selected BlastTV locations in their community with pinpoint accuracy via BlastTVLive.com and our forthcoming BlastTV mobile apps. Business owner generated ads are uploaded and dynamically integrated with incredible content from the internet's most talented independent artists and content creators.

To this point, advertising has been a Madison Ave. multi-billion dollar domain closed to small businesses prohibiting their effective participation. BlastTV finally opens the door and breaks through the glass ceiling for more than 400 million small businesses worldwide.

Special thanks to the coReplatform, which powers BlastTV. www.coreplatform.com.
Team BlastTV
Introducing the world-class BlastTV team:

Theodoros Ioannou, Developer/Engineer

Theo is currently the main developer for BlastTV, taking care of all the issues which come to our attention. He has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science.

Christos Constantinides, Sales/Customer Relations

Christos is a cypriot who lives and works in Nicosia. He studied Psychology at the University of Cyprus as well as acting at "Vladimiros Kafkaridis Drama School". He is now in charge of expanding BlastTv.

People who have previously worked on BlastTV:
Steve van Zutphen, Founder

Steve is a lawyer turned developer, with lots of experience in jumping off a cliff with helicopter parts in his arms and an assembly manual stuffed in his upper left pocket.

Chris Kyvernitis, Developer/Engineer

Chris is a Philly native with a computer science degree from Johns Hopkins.

Gregory Yioutanis, Developer/Engineer

Gregory is from sunny Cyprus, and has a master's degree in Computer Science and Networks.

Manuel Tomis, Developer/Engineer

Manuel is a German Cypriot coding maniac. While in university, he wrote and published his own programming language called "brain".

Athena Tziakouri, Administration and Customer Relations

Athena is a Cypriot who worked in the Cyprus embassy in Washington D.C.,and now keeps things together for us here at BlastTV.

Nicoletta Klokkari, Content Management and Advertising

Nicoletta is an English Literature major, with a talent in poetry and graphics. She recently joined us to help keep a youthful perspective on the BlastTV program.

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